Software Testing

Looking to raise the quality of your software?
Facing performance or security issues and can’t pin point the reason?
Looking to improve time to market and maximize your ROI?

NSQAC offers independent software testing services and solutions that are tailored to fit your specific needs. With 60+ years of accumulative experience, our dedicated team of software testing professionals bring diverse skills and expertise across various software testing fields, combining automated and manual approaches in order to ensure your software runs smoothly and meets functionality, security and performance standards and best practices.

At NSQAC, we seek excellence in our software testing services, and exceed the limits of what is expected through the use of cutting-edge technologies, modern testing practices and distinguished partnerships with state-of-the-art market-leading solution providers.

Since 2013, NSQAC has been the partner of success to clients across both the public and private sectors in and outside of Jordan. NSQAC plays an essential role in Jordan’s e-government program where we provide high quality testing services to accomplish the objectives and vision of the digital transformation journey.

Our Software Testing Services include:


Functional Testing


Automated Testing


Security Testing


Mobile Testing


Performance Testing


Source Code Analysis