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MenaITech Proudly Accepts the Structural Quality Certificate from the Royal Scientific Society

On February 25th, 2021, MenaITech proudly accepted the esteemed Structural Quality Certificate which was awarded to them by the Royal Scientific Society after a comprehensive assessment carried out by the National Software Quality Assurance Centre (NSQAC).
The NSQAC used CAST AIP software to evaluate MenaPAY®, MenaITech’s all-inclusive personnel and payroll management system, and assessed the system based on the five internationally recognized standards as set by the Consortium for Information and Software Quality (CISQ): robustness, efficiency, security, changeability, and transferability.

CAST are digital leaders in software intelligence whose services help detect risks and security threats in software systems, make companies come up with strategic decisions, and ensure the robustness of their software products. With CAST AIP software, MenaPAY® was thoroughly analyzed to guarantee top-quality and agile performance, paying great attention to data protection, real-time system running, and identifying system behaviors and errors.

Operating with quality in mind, the NSQAC is a specialized center in Jordan that offers complete lifecycle management of software products and testing services that improve software quality while reducing developmental costs and risks of product failure. As a national leader in software quality assurance, NSQAC ensures high-quality, standardized testing processes powered by a team of qualified staff using the best business practices to develop the sophisticated solutions.